You wouldn’t tell my Mother?

You wouldn't tell My Mother?

During this consultation the patient seeks the help of the doctor in colluding in the deception with her mother. The tape begins with the patient explaining that the doctors receptionist has put her in a rather difficult situation, the receptionist has unwittingly informed the patient’s mother that she would be having a consultation with the doctor and she fears that the mother will question the doctor as to the reasons for the consultation and probably ask directly weather or not her daughter is on the pill. At first the doctor feel that he can easily extradite himself from the situation but when asked if you would deliberately lie to the patient’s mother he declines to do so. 

 The patient is 17 and the doctor offers to tell mother that she is on the pill; however this would be the last thing the patient wants. The doctor is placed in an extremely difficult situation by this dilemma as he doesn’t wish to lose the confidence of his young patient or be forced into telling deliberate lies to her mother. He remains adamant on this point that her will not collude in the lie, and the consultation ends with a rather begrudging acceptance by the daughter of the difficult situation.