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The Medicated Misadventures of Sarah Tonin and The Catecholamines

” Every Brain needs a Hero!

'Sarah & Mac!'

An animated, educational web-series that follows the high jinks of Sarah Tonin: a sentient neurotransmitter who lives and works inside the brain of a twenty-something party animal named Mac.


As the overseer of Mac’s mental well-being, Sarah must leap many hurdles to balance his mood as he stumbles into the pitfalls of disrupted sleep, mood-altering substances, and a poor diet.

Sarah does all this with the help of her trusted friends …

'The Catecholamines'


Addy (Adrenaline) keeps watch upon The Brainscape and monitors Mac’s thoughts and memories so that she knows when to hit the ‘panic button. When Mac has had a bad night of sleep, Addy may be more twitchy than usual, making him prone to anxious feelings and increasing the chance of a panic attack. 



Dopey (Dopamine) encourages Mac to do the things that feel good, such as drinking, eating tasty foods, and listening to music. This is very useful, though when Dopey goes too far, Mac may indulge more than he should in unhelpful habits. 


Nora (Noradrenaline) keeps Mac ready to move and gives him energy. When Nora isn’t feeling up to her job, Mac feels sluggish and demotivated.