Extreme Anxiety – Winning the Battle


Severe anxiety is usually misunderstood. Senior and experienced staff know that it can be a challenging condition to manage and there may be pitfalls along the way. In this programme, you too will see why.

This is an extra programme attached to ‘Extreme Anxiety – Winning the Battle’. It is a series of interviews with people who suffer extreme anxiety. 

Unique to video is the ability to show change over time.

Here, we follow the progress of two patients with severe anxiety symptoms over a period of fifteen years.

First, we see them in extreme distress and they describe their disabling symptoms. Later on, we hear more about the causes and are given a better understanding of their problems. Both had difficulties with medication misuse and we discover why this happened.

They share with us what was important for them in treatment and what really helped them to get better.

Both talk about the importance of staff attitudes and approaches.
Consultant Psychiatrist, Dr Flavia Leslie, provides us with a straightforward commentary complimenting the narrative of the two patients.


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