Bereavement in Obstetrics


This Programme is split into three sections:



‘Jenny briefly talks about the loss of her baby, the trauma she went through and her recovery. The end of this clip offers a call to action. Not Too Small to Mourn: Drama documentary of in-utero death. Commentary highlights teaching points. Very powerful. Silver medal winner. The Storyline is simple – Jo begins to feel there is something wrong. The story unfolds to show how the staff handle the situation. There are many practical guidelines that any department could adopt. 

Winner of: 

British Medical Association – Silver Medal 
Royal Photographic Society – 1st Prize 
Spanish Cine Certification – ASECIC Diploma 

Loss Before Life: 

Following a brief introduction, this programme is a recording of an interview with a couple discussing their experiences and feelings following a miscarriage. Since the first interview was made, the couple have endured two more miscarriages but now have a baby girl. A follow up interview with the family provides an opportunity to hear on their reflections about the miscarriages and the way it influences their feelings towards their new baby. 


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