A Prescription for the wife!

A Prescription for the Wife!

In this consultation the patient deliberately  attempts to mislead his doctor. A plausible patient presents with an apparent simple enough request for a prescription for the contraceptive pill for his wife. The story is that his wife has had to look after her sick mother in the country, and she has left her pill prescription up in town and the patient wondered whether the doctor would be kind enough to make out a duplicate prescription which he will then send to his wife.

As the situation appears to be straightforward, after some questions to see whether there are any hidden worries or problems, he agrees to provide the pill prescription. At this junction it is suggested that the tape might be stopped and discussions centred around the theme of how reasonable was the doctors action, and whether anyone would disagree with him giving the prescription.

The story then resumes and the patient informs the doctor that he had been separated from his wife for some nine months, and that his solicitor who is undertaking the divorce proceedings, has asked the patient to obtain a pill prescription as evidence of adultery on his wife’s part. Following the devastating piece of information the patient leaves hurriedly allowing the doctor no time to repair the situation.